Blacks’ Black – Charcoal Cheddar




Black cheese from Blacks cheese! Yes, the range is really Black Cheese! Charcoal Cheddar is an all-black creamy mature cheddar that you will not forget. The talking point of most cheese boards and a great combination of a rich, smooth cheddar and Charcoal Dust! A firm fave for the mice from the mines!!!!!






A delicious and creamy mature cheddar, blended with charcoal. A definite must have requirement for any cheese board. This ultimate show-stopper sets apart from your typical mature cheddar not only aesthetically but in taste as well.


  1. Nikki

    I love this cheese! I brought it at a Christmas Market and will definitely be buying it again.

  2. Amie

    Best cheese I’ve ever tasted. Tried some at the Gloucester Christmas market and it’s too good. Ridiculously smooth and creamy, with a perfect cheddar tang. Would definitely recommend.

  3. Duncan Willett

    Hi we have just purchased charcoal black cheese at a christmas market.WOW the nicest cheese I have ever had.where can i buy near Bidford on avon or how do I buy direct. Thanks.

  4. Neri (verified owner)

    Having tried a selection at the Waddesdon Manor Christmas market I fell in love with this cheese. I normally go for more interesting flavoured cheese ( and did order a fab selection of those as well) but, having tasted this charcoal cheddar, I have to say it is my new favourite. Soooo smooth, rich and creamy. Colour is great too.

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