About Us

Welcome Mice from across the land to our site and its creation of Cheese Blends and Mixes that we believe absolutely work. From our best selling Rioja & Caramelised Onion to the Bonkers Vintage Cheddar with Charcoal. We have a plan to simply provide the best selection of Cheese to Independent retailers, Farm Shops, Garden Centres and Food halls across the country. All of this lovely Cheese will of course be road Tested by you mice! & you guide what we do and how we do it.

We pop up at approximately 120 Food festivals, County Shows, Markets and Christmas Events every year. We sell direct to all mice via our website and deliver next day across the country. We are very grateful for all your help sampling our cheese which must be so hard!!!!!! If you watch out for us on Twitter and Facebook we will keep you abreast of where we are week by week. Remember there is a #Cheddarlution on its way!!! So join us in the fight for a Better Cheddar